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In small teams the Mediastudio ICH works on the conceptual design, scientific consulting and realization of national and transnational projects.


Documentation – providing insight


Some cultural knowledge is only meant for local access or the custodians of traditions themselves. But there are living heritages to be found in various disciplines across a country which can be highlighted as a major strength for the land and its people. We work in cooperation with those who want to participate in  documenting customs, music, dances, languages, craftsmanship, traditional knowledge, stories, rituals. We use various media formats to provide a manifold insight into ICH.


Media formats: Photo, Video/Film, Audio-Recording, Animation




Reception – providing possibilities for encounters


The documentations can be appreciated on a larger scale through traditional and new media-systems. Various Platforms can provide virtual or real encounters and networks between the custodians of traditions, a broader audience and culture-, media-, or educational institutions.


Platforms: Websites, Publications, (online) Exhibitions, Multimedia-Packages, DVDs, ICT, Databases, Archives





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